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Sheigra is a township of Kinlochbervie in the North West Scottish Highlands. The A838 winds its way around this part. To arrive the traveller must pass through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

The Scottish Highlands are a vast and unique place. At the head of Loch Inchard, a side road follows the northern shore to the fishing port of Kinlochbervie, 4 miles northwest of Rhiconich. Beautifully situated, the B801, both single and double tack, is the narrow winding road leading north-westwards from Rhiconich with splendid views towards the lonely mountain Reay Forest, dominated by Foinaven and heads west to Kinlochbervie.

Through the crofting townships of Achriesgill, Inshegra, Badcall Inchard and Oldshoremore to Blairmore and Balchrick The road continues for some four miles towards the open sea with fine views, and terminating beyond Balchrick at the crofting village of Sheigra, the last habitation on the west coast and a small hamlet of the western coastline. One of the last cottages on the road is AN GRIANAN.

Sheigra lies 4 miles northwest of Kinlochbervie. From here it is possible to follow the coast on foot slightly further north, and off the beaten track to the remote and quite spectacular Sandwood Bay, which has been described as almost the loveliest in all Scotland where, in the present century, a mermaid is said to have been seen. Lofty cliffs, with detached stacks of red Torridon sandstone, overlook the reddish sands of this little- visited bay.